We proudly jump forward


As the first Continental Cup organiser for women, Ljubno
made an enormous step toward the recognition of this
sport on the international scale. Media support surely also
contributed to this – there were over 600 publications in
different print media outlets over the span of three months.
More than 9,000 loud spectators came to watch the
competitions, which is 50 % more than the year before, plus
an additional more than half a million viewers watched the
event in front of the TV-screens across Slovenia.
With a well-planned marketing campaign, which we carried
out with the help of the Publicis Group, we again managed
to arouse media interest in reporting about this sport and the
event at Ljubno. This resulted in almost 600 publications over
the span of 4 months (November 2012- February 2013).
All publications were assessed positively and reached the
estimated advertising value of EUR 384,631 (in the same
period in 2012, we reached 400 publications and reached the
estimated advertising value of EUR 251,289).
Source: Press Clipping