Katja Požun: »I hope to reach top form in Ljubno!«

Katja Požun: »I hope to reach top form in Ljubno!«


Katja Požun won the bronze medal in the individual competition at FIS Junior Ski Jumping World Championships 2008. At her debut in the World Cup, she came in the seventh place at the very first Women Ski Jumping World Cup event on 3 December 2011 in Lillehammer. This places her firmly in the group of Slovenian competitors that will form the central pillar of the Slovenian national team.

Katja, you began the season in excellent form. Are you happy about what you’ve achieved?

I did not expect the results from what I’ve displayed during the summer. As a result, my goals were not as high, so success at the very start of the season was a great surprise and motivation.

When do you wish to achieve top form?

I hope to reach it in the middle of the winter for the Ljubno event. The whole team wishes to perform as well as possible at that competition.

What are your long-term goals? Are you perhaps looking forward to the Olympics?

I am not setting any goals for myself yet. I need to focus on each season individually. Ski jumping is an unpredictable sport – everything can change in one day. My wish is to stay in form and ensure that I will be able to stage a comeback even when my results are not as good as expected.

You spend the better part of the year with your teammates. How do you get along?

We spend so much time together that we know each other very well. We get along well and often party together. The team is also not overly competitive. We join our forces for Slovenia and prefer to compete against other teams.

You have already packed up your skis but later changed your mind to return to the arena.

When I decided to quit, I was very young. I didn’t know what I wanted. The sport was exhausting and I wished to have some time for myself. I began playing football, but my love for ski jumping prevailed in the end.

Were you scared after returning?

I was scared during the first couple of jumps as I couldn’t imagine how it will be, when I am standing at the top of the ski jump. However, after the very first jump my coach ensured me that I haven’t forgotten anything, enabling me to relax.

Where do you get your love for ski jumping?

My friends got me into this sport. One of them was a ski jumper and talked me into trying it for myself. I liked it and decided to keep going.

How do the members of the stronger sex respond, when they find out what it is that you do? Are any of them surprised?

Many people admit that they've had no idea that girls also compete in ski jumping. Sometimes, I hear comments that women cannot jump, but everyone is always surprised at how brave we are. Many admit that they’d never be able to gather the courage to jump themselves. (rk)