Ljubno proudly presents the most eagerly awaited novelty of this season’s FIS World Cup in women’s ski jumping


The 5th FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Ladies in Ljubno, which will be held on 13th and 14th February 2016, will take place on a brand new ski jump.

We are only a couple of days away from the World Cup competitions, eagerly anticipated by the international women's ski jumping community, which will take place on 13th and 14th February in Ljubno. For the 5th year in a row, the Valentine's weekend will be cloaked in the colours of Ljubno, where the best ski jumpers in the world, including our "Devilish Slovenians", will give their best on the brand new ski jump, which will help them fly even better, even farther.

In the five years since Ljubno has begun hosting World Cup competitions in women's ski jumping, the charming girls of the Slovenian national team have already won over fans at home and abroad. Not only with their integrity and lack of pretence, these athletes impress with consistently great results and podium placements, which are sure to make their fans very happy.
In the course of this World Cup season, they have already ascended to the podium six times and they show no sign of relenting. They have been training extensively for the competition in Ljubno and Slovenian ski jumping fans are rooting for their efforts to be rewarded with the most acclaimed prize possible: the historic first place in the first competition on the new ski jump.

The new ski jump is ready!
In the days when the world celebrates love and friendship, the new national ski jumping centre, featuring a new ski jump and all the accompanying infrastructure, will see its grand opening. The new ski jump, in particular, is what ski jumpers from the entire world look forward to the most.
From now on, the ski jumpers can jump farther, while the lengthened and deepened in-run will give them a greater sense of security and make for a smooth transition onto the take-off ramp. The ski jump boasts a modern profile and a new jury tower, where the judges can give precise assessments of the jumps.

Lovely Ljubno
The lovely, decisive, and courageous "eagles" are training relentlessly in order to gather as many World Cup points as possible in Ljubno. Here, the jokingly issued statement "the boys have Planica and the girls have Ljubno" is taken in earnest. Their goal is to reach for the top and fly as far as possible. The results the girls of the Slovenian national team have brought in so far promise that they won't fail to make us proud and that we will jump for joy with them once again as we watch them succeed.
The World Cup competitions will be held on Saturday, 13th February, and Sunday, 14th February, at 2 p.m. Qualifying for the first race will take place on Friday. The varied side programme is sure to attract attention as well, addressing both adults and kids. The latter can pass the time playing games in the heated marquee or try out some ski jumping themselves on the mobile ski jump, under the careful supervision of Franci Petek. Saturday, at 4 p.m., will see the public draw of starting bibs for the race on Sunday, which will be accompanied by an entertainment programme and a fun party with the band Ansambel Gadi. The award ceremony that takes place immediately after each competition is another event that is not to be missed.
While the people of Ljubno sure know how to make a party, the cuisine of the Upper Savinja Valley is also impressive, offering up an array of tasty traditional local dishes. In addition, to make the experience as smooth as possible, the organisers have arranged parking free of charge in the vicinity of the ski jump. All who have yet to purchase a ticket can do so at all Eventim points of sale. As always, children up to the age of 14 and holders of the Blue card (the so-called "Modra kartica") have free entry.
May Ljubno enchant you and the girls charm you – we kindly invite you to the best rendezvous imaginable.


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